IG vs Real Life

IG vs Real Life

I’m a mama of two and I am one that takes full advantage of the available social media and blogging sites with tips and tricks on how to properly do this mom thing. I follow select pages for parenting tips, meal ideas, fun activities, and even hip outfit suggestions. I don’t know how they ever raised kids without Instagram and Pinterest!

In doing this, however, I’ve become so idealistic to the point that I’ve developed some unrealistic expectations of my babies.

From sleeping patterns to eating habits to potty training… I’ve been inclined to expect picture perfection worthy of a blogger’s IG feed. And this has caused insecurities in my parenting skills. Why isn’t my baby sleeping through the night yet? Why is my toddler still in diapers? Am I bad at this? Maybe I’m breaking them…

I decided to document my musings to help me sort out these thoughts so that, in moments of doubt, I am able to better recognize when it’s real life and when it’s staged for the internet—when I’m being reasonable and when I’m being overly critical of myself as a parent. Hopefully, in doing this, I can sleep a little better at night… you know, all the 2.5 hours of it. 

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