Cookies for Lunch

Cookies for Lunch

193BD3D3-1E8B-4F76-B39A-73109E2F028ASometimes, eating cookies for lunch… in the ball pit… while naked is OK.

We visited family for lunch yesterday. They ordered pizza, salad, and some cookies for us and my son refused to eat everything but the cookies. Normally, I would stress out at what he is or isn’t eating but this time, I chose to let loose and allowed him to choose for himself. It was liberating. For him and for me! 

When we got home, it turned out that I needed to reserve my energy for what was coming… He refused to nap. 

I recently read a fellow mom post about trying to put her daughter down for a nap for 1.5 hours… unsuccessfully. I decided that wasn’t going to be me so I brought the kids to the play area and set out to have a wild, tiring afternoon.

There, my son decided to get himself wet by sipping water then letting it drip down his clothes. Annoyed, I took his clothes off and threw them in a pile to wash later (along with the blankets and pillow cases he spit on in the process). Then I remember how well the cookies worked for us earlier—what if I just let him run freely around naked instead of dressing him and stressing over him getting dirty through play?

So there we were… playing in the ball pit for the afternoon… naked. Both happier than we would have been had I forced the healthy meal and ideal clothing on us. And because he was looking a little too skinny without a shirt on, I thought “a few more cookies couldn’t hurt”.