Awake while the baby sleeps

Awake while the baby sleeps

I don’t know who came up with the whole “sleep while the baby sleeps” advice. This is my second newborn and I have yet to master this seemingly simple task. 

My first baby always wanted to be held. So he napped on my chest for most of his babyhood while I, being a paranoid new mom, stayed wide awake in fear that I would drop him or smother him if I dozed off. 

My new baby doesn’t always want to be held during naps. But she does require continuous tapping on the butt while in her dock-a-tot. If anyone has advice on how to tap baby butt while sleeping, I’m all ears. 

I guess my point is this: once a woman has a baby, everyone will throw out advice for everything. But I wish they would realize that, while they mean well, it only puts undue stress on the mama. Every time a nap went by where I didn’t sleep while the baby slept, I felt like a failure. Like I wasn’t able to accomplish a basic, instinctual thing such as napping with my baby. This is supposed to make me a happier mom, dammit! But instead, I’m more tired, more stressed, and more crabby that I’ve yet again failed in delivering a picture perfect nap session. 

So… I vow never to give unsolicited advice to new (or current) moms. Instead, I will try to be supportive and encouraging because, in this whirlwind of a ride, we don’t need another reason to think we’re failing at doing anything but our best.